Ultimate Bass Club Shootout 2013

Ultimate Bass and the $150,000 Napkin

Being an outdoorsy person, I was immediately drawn to Mike, a strong military man. When he shared his love of bass fishing and the outdoors with me, it was a fate sealed in stone. When I was young my father had taken me fishing, but it wasn’t quite the same. My father would say “Sit still, the fish will bite!”. With Mike I was able to walk down the bank, talk, move around, cast repeatedly. It was extraordinary! We became best friends after that and spent many days side by side no matter the task. Because of my entrepreneurial personality and the love of fishing early on in our relationship, I found business opportunities in the fishing industry. One day at lunch the idea of Ultimate Bass was sketched out on a $150,000 napkin in a bowling alley by two best friends and it came to life from there.

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Government Ditch Bass Fishing

Government Ditch – Caddo Lake

One of my favorite places to fish first thing in the morning is Government Ditch, with its commanding cypress trees creating a canopy, the sun peeking through the tangled moss on the branches, and a slight breeze in a silence to be broken only by the quiet sounds of the creatures in the swamp. The long narrow ditch that was once created to help transport cotton from the north to the south is now one of the best spots on Caddo Lake to reel in the trophy bass that are the catch of a lifetime for some anglers. The sun dances off of the landscape as it rises higher and higher. It is almost as if the sun breathes life into each thing as it touches it first thing in the morning. First on the horizon, then the trunks of the first trees, then sun glints through the branches and bounces across the water and into my eyes, and all of a sudden, I have been awoke by the most amazing silence.

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Bass Fishing with Laurie Cork

Bass Fishing Is a Way of Life

Bass fishing isn’t just a hobby, it is a way of life. Our family is dedicated to the promotion and conservation of bass fishing in every way we can. We support the Annual Bass Life Associates Sportsman’s Dinner, while participating as members of the board of directors of Bass Life, we provide news and media on all of the major competitive fishing circuits and we provide one of the best bass fishing communities online that there is today.

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