Contingency Programs Contingency Pprograms is a bass angler’s one stop shop for the latest contingency programs in the fishing world.

Contingency Programs

Jason Baggett long time bass fishing enthusiast has released a site that is one of a kind. promises to be a powerful resource for anglers on a new level of professionalism matching bass fishing enthusiasts with contingency programs. Jason says that it has been a lot of work but this is something that the fishing industry needed and there is nothing like it.

Excerpt from Jason’s new site:

“<Kun-Tin-Jence> noun – one of a kind platform that connects the competitor directly to contingency programs. verb – the participation in a movement of supporting competitors to “cash in” on their passion. The Problem: Until now, there was not a methodical way of listing contingency programs by product, company, brand, or organization.”

Be sure to check it out, has the possibility of helping anglers to match up their skill and preferences with a company that they know, love and trust to gain them the advantage of making money while fishing. While the goal of tournament bass fishing is to make money, it is always easier when you have a sponsor that is willing to pay you for a job well done.


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