Field & Stream Women’s Latitude Short Sleeve Shirt

I recently had the opportunity to check out a fishing shirt from Field and Stream. Ok, yes that means that they sent it to me to review. I love getting things to review because it means that first, the item is something that I would probably want and second it was free and what girl doesn’t like to get free things. I received a Field & Stream Women’s Latitude Short Sleeve Shirt in Blithe (bright blue). I am always excited to get women’s clothing that is indeed fitted to a lady’s body style. There is nothing worse than going fishing and being uncomfortable all day because the clothing that you have on was meant for a man.

Field and Stream did a great job with their Latitude shirt for women. It fits great! The material is lightweight and is a definite plus for the hot weather we have coming in the South or anywhere for that matter. The SMARTCOOL technology is going to make fishing in the mid-summer just a bit more bearable. The SMARTCOOL technology reacts to moisture on your body and acts as a refrigerant.

Latitude Short Sleeve Shirt

Field & Stream Women’s Latitude Short Sleeve Shirt
Field & Stream Women’s Latitude Short Sleeve Shirt

I have only had the opportunity to fish in the shirt once since I received it, but I was extremely impressed with it.  When you first put the shirt on it is almost as if you aren’t wearing a real shirt. It is very lightweight, and you can move about unhindered. We fish all year long here, so I have a closet full of gear that ranges from waterproof rain suits and cold gear to quick dry shirts and shorts. Finding a shirt that fits with comfort really puts a smile on my face.

The Latitude short sleeve shirt also has two breast pockets that snap shut. While to some this may seem to be something small but to me it is huge. On other shirts that I own which were made for men, the breast pockets have Velcro closures. This is terribly inconvenient when you have long hair, wear other clothing that is attracted to Velcro, and many other fishing items seem to get caught up in it. There is a third vented pocket on the side seam. This pocket is not for you to put your hand in to keep it warm but you can slip something small in there that you need to have on hand. It has a hidden zipper and, very convenient.

The overall make of the shirt is on point. The back is vented for breathability, and the sleeves are comfortable with a snap tab that can be adjusted up or down for more or less sleeve. The shirt has Superior UPF 50+ UV protection to help protect you from the sun while the SmartWick TM technology keeps you dry by absorbing sweat away from your skin and with fast drying fabric you never notice it at all. I personally love the UV protection. Mike and I spend a lot of time on the water, and it is more and more important that you protect your skin from the sun. While you are fishing, you are vulnerable to the sun’s beating rays and it does penetrate your clothing. Be smart and no matter what you are wearing be sure that it does provide UV protection.

There are four different colors of which anyone should be able to find one that they love. My personal favorite is the Papaya Punch. The size chart says it comes in Small to 2X which is a good range. If you order Apparel or Footwear online, you can receive free shipping, and there is currently a $5 off on the Women’s Latitude Short and Long Sleeve Shirt (at the time of this writing) so be sure to order yours now.

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