Winter Weather Impact on Bass Fishing in the South

Winter weather can have a lasting impact on fishing throughout the rest of the year. There is a vast amount of variables that a bass fisherman takes into account when he is getting ready to go fishing. Time of day, wind direction and speed, water temperature, and time of year are just a few basic variables that can make or break a day of fishing. I bet you are thinking about at least one or two of these each time you get into the boat.

Winter Weather Impact on Bass Fishing in the South
Winter Weather Impact on Bass Fishing in the South

Currently, we are experiencing mild winter weather in the South. Locally the water temperature is running roughly 10 degrees higher than this time last year. The warmer water temperatures along with, the warmer air temperature have led me to believe that our winter is already over. The abnormal winter temperatures may impact the baitfish, vegetation, the average size of bass over the next few years and much more.

A less dramatic die-off of baitfish due to the mild water temperatures will lead to more bait available. These same baitfish will provide a larger prey for bass in the coming spring. According to Arron Martens’ article in BassQuest this month, he sees larger schools of bait fish than ever before. He says that they are the size of ocean baitfish balls making it difficult to locate bass around them.

Winter Weather Locations

Bass are more active first thing in the morning and you can find them on creek channel edges, drop-offs and typically in deeper. With the mild weather that we are having, these bass have been reluctant to move into their typical winter pattern, making it harder to key in on a specific location.

Later in the day with the sun higher, it is more likely that you will find bass close to cover waiting for an easy meal to swim by within reach. The temperature of the water plays a crucial role here. Bass are cold-blooded and in the winter are typically conserving energy. Bass move to the warmest water they can find. A couple of places you can find winter bass are deeper waters in lakes and deep backwater in the rivers protecting bass from wind and water currents. Because the whole of the water hasn’t cooled down this year, you are looking at a real hunt for the right location.

Winter winds are predominantly North and West. These winds contribute to the warmer north and west banks because they are wind protected. The west bank is going to get the most sun throughout the day; therefore, the water warms faster making it a perfect place to concentrate your efforts on if it possesses the right cover and structure.

Winter weather bass fishing can at times be slow but with the right clothing, positive attitude and the right equipment, you could be in for a day of fishing that could lead to the bass of a lifetime.

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