Do you suffer from Bipolar? Bipolar I is one of my overlapping conditions. Lately, the battle is with depression. While it is half of the equation which equals bipolar, Dealing with the downside of Bipolar (depression) is not preferred. Possibly due to dealing with constant chronic pain. Most of my pain is unseen. Fibromyalgia, headaches, even the psoriasis that I suffer with, is unseen by others unless they know where to look. Bipolar is also pain that one has to live with, especially when in a depressive state.

Dealing with unseen chronic pain can be extremely hard not only for the sufferer but family members. Not knowing if a loved one is in pain makes it hard to plan daily activities, vacations, even a trip to dinner can be a task for someone who is suffering from chronic pain. If you are suffering from unseen chronic pain or depression, be proactive and seek help. Talk to your partner, a close friend and your doctor.

Depression is my downfall! Well isn’t it everyone’s? Tired, lethargic, a case of the “I don’t want to’s”, and so much more go with depression. Despite everything, I still love life and having fun, but when depression strikes… There is nothing that can mold a smile. The effects of being depressed compound every day until I feel like there is nothing that could lead to feeling better, nothing worth doing, and nowhere worth being.

With the recent diagnosis of fibromyalgia, my psychiatrist felt confident adding Cymbalta to the daily regimen would help not only the depression but also the symptoms of the fibromyalgia. As she had hoped the medicine did help with the depression somewhat, however, it has not helped with the fibromyalgia. As I sit here in the silence of the early morning, I am looking forward to the next appointment with the PCM, in the hopes, she will be able to shed some light on how to cope with all of this as a whole.

Do you suffer from depression along with some other unseen chronic pain? How are you dealing with it emotionally?

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