Bipolar and Balanced

My life is my normal, I am determined to live and be bipolar and balanced. Bipolar disorder is a complex condition and can be hard to manage but it is worth the effort.

Do you suffer from Bipolar? Bipolar I is one of my overlapping conditions. Lately, the battle is with depression. While it is half of the equation which equals bipolar, Dealing with the downside of Bipolar (depression) is not preferred. Possibly due to dealing with constant chronic pain. Most of my pain is unseen. Fibromyalgia, headaches, even the psoriasis that I suffer with, is unseen by

Bipolar is a complex disorder. Bipolar disorder affects many people in their daily lives. I believe a vast majority of individuals who are unfamiliar or unaffected by bipolar see it as crazy mood swings. There is so much more to this disorder. While this does not apply to everyone, it seems to be a common theme. Most days I feel confident