Quote of the Week

Take a look at the quote of the week. Some are short whimsical thoughts and some are a little longer. They are all intended to be lighthearted in nature…

Make someone smile today! Smiles are these small little miracles that can change a person’s outlook without saying a word. Practice smiling at people today and watch what you get in return. Not only will you see a change in people, but it will change you by making you feel better.

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s going to be a long day filled with cooking, company, carbohydrates, and exhaustion.

Being prepared is ultra important for the holidays.

There are several things that you can do to make Thanksgiving a success without being so exhausted that it isn’t enjoyable.

My life is my normal. I do not know many people who live a normal life today. What is normal? Is it society’s ideal or is it what each of us is taught to strive for, or is it something completely different? Could it be as simple as not appearing different than those you surround yourself with? Society brings together a culmination of thoughts and opinions from a myriad of