When it comes to mornings I have the best luck, how about you? Have you awakened up and felt like parts of your skin were a cross between electrified, stuck by hundreds of needles, and an extreme sunburn? This morning, as I rolled over this exact feeling, is what woke me up. Like the worst sunburn you have ever had this accompaniment to fibromyalgia is no joke. Allodynia also referred to as sick skin has been part of my life since my teenage years. It moves randomly from place to place and varies in size. Some days it is as small as the palm of my hand and others it covers my back.

This morning it has taken over the whole right side of my back. When I rolled over in bed, the touch of the sheets and the bed were like pins and needles on my skin. I made my way to the bathroom where I keep a set of comfy clothes. They are there so that when I do get up early, I don’t wake up Mike. This morning was no different except that I had to exchange the shirt for the softest oversized shirt available. I snuck into the closet as quiet as possible and closed the door behind me where I could turn the light on to find something to wear.

This spring before things got out of hand with fibro I started a project near my back deck. I used an old jet ski hull to fashion a pond. (Insert photo here). Now when I am up early, our can’t sleep, and up late I have this beautiful place to hang out. Most of the time when I am up it is in the dark… Crickets, frogs, late night birds, and the sound of the waterfall in my pond provide a little bit of peace.

This morning I find myself wondering if my fibro will ever be under control. Our children are just now becoming self-sufficient, and we are free to do as we please. I refuse to let this get me down! I am determined to live a life that is enjoyable, fun, and somewhat reasonable!

Allodynia is a condition that causes you to experience pain when something really shouldn’t hurt. Things like the touch of your clothing, the brush of a hand, and brushing your hair can all become very painful when in all actuality they should not hurt at all. There is a tremendous amount of information on the internet about Allodynia. Just put the information into Google and look for a reputable site.

Do you have early mornings? What is it that wakes you up? How do you cope with it?

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