In 1997 I had a flair up of what the doctors at the time said was eczema on my foot, turns out it was Palmoplantar pustular psoriasis. It took almost a year to clear it up with the creams that they gave me and some TLC at home. Ten years later I went on a girl’s weekend vacation where I managed to get severely sunburnt all over. Not long after the sunburn healed, I

When it comes to mornings I have the best luck, how about you? Have you awakened up and felt like parts of your skin were a cross between electrified, stuck by hundreds of needles, and an extreme sunburn? This morning, as I rolled over this exact feeling, is what woke me up. Like the worst sunburn you have ever had this accompaniment to fibromyalgia is no joke.

Bipolar is a complex disorder. Bipolar disorder affects many people in their daily lives. I believe a vast majority of individuals who are unfamiliar or unaffected by bipolar see it as crazy mood swings. There is so much more to this disorder. While this does not apply to everyone, it seems to be a common theme. Most days I feel confident

With fibromyalgia (FM) I am always exhausted, and never seem to get enough sleep. Late nights and early mornings have plagued my life for as long as I can remember. Over the last year, I have found myself in need of a nap about midday. I used to think it was only Bipolar which affected
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In the fishing industry it is important to have great sponsors. The companies below are strong, dependable, and most of all they represent what the outdoors and bass fishing is all about. It is about the future of the fisheries, the ability of the youth of today being able to fish tomorrow and making sure
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BassWest Magazine Photo March April Issue

I am particularly proud of a couple of them so I Over the years I have been fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time and because of that I have had a few of my photos published in magazines. I am particularly proud of a couple of them so I wanted to share my magazine photos with share my magazine photos with you.