Happy Thanksgiving! It’s going to be a long day filled with cooking, company, carbohydrates, and exhaustion.

Being prepared is ultra important for the holidays.

There are several things that you can do to make Thanksgiving a success without being so exhausted that it isn’t enjoyable.

Turkeys are great if put in the oven overnight at about 200 degrees. The turkey will be moist, and ready to eat in the morning, which will leave the oven open on Turkey day, so there is no rushed when meal time arrives.

Making pies and desserts the night before is also a great way to save energy. The less preparation you have to do the better the day will go.

If candied yams are on the menu, you can prepare then and put the in the fridge. You can also do this with green bean casserole. Be sure to leave off the toppings until you put these dishes in the oven.

If you insist on cooking your turkey on Thanksgiving, make it easy on yourself. Be sure it is in the fridge on Tuesday. That is today. Tomorrow unwrap it, clean it, and get it ready to cook. We like to inject it with seasoning and doing this the night before makes for a well-seasoned turkey.

Cleaning the house! If family or friends are visiting cleaning the house will be on your to do list. Make sure that you plan out the important things in these last few days, and spread out the big jobs. Pace yourself.

I hope your Thanksgiving is an incredible day. Don’t forget to get some sleep the night before so you can enjoy the day.

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