Make someone smile today! Smiles are these small little miracles that can change a person’s outlook without saying a word. Practice smiling at people today and watch what you get in return. Not only will you see a change in people, but it will change you by making you feel better.

Most people that you smile at will return the favor. Not only are you giving them something, but they are also giving back. Occasionally you will have someone who just won’t give it up. If a person does not return the gesture, try a simple greeting like “good morning.”

Yesterday while loading the boat after fishing, a lady was holding her boat waiting for her husband. He was putting the trailer in the water. She was not smiling, and she should have been. It was beautiful out! I smiled, and she did not return it, so I asked if they had been fishing or just out riding. She promptly replied “just out riding,” still no smile. Stopping and turning toward her I replied: “it sure is a beautiful morning for a boat ride isn’t it?” She finally got a big smile on her face and said yes it was. Her face perked up, and the genuine smile was so big that she glowed. I think it was because someone was truly interested and she could tell.

I love making people smile. It is challenging! The folks at the register at checkout, salespeople in stores, even doctors, can all use a smile. There are many times I do not feel like smiling at anyone, so I make an effort to make someone smile every day, even if it is Mike or one of our daughters over the phone. It brightens the day ahead of me.

What if anything do you do, to help improve your mood or help others brighten their day?

I would love to hear what you think. Writing has helped me tremendously. If you would like to share something with others about your experience with fibro, psoriasis, chronic headaches or any other chronic illness please let me know.

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