My life is my normal. I do not know many people who live a normal life today. What is normal? Is it society’s ideal or is it what each of us is taught to strive for,¬† or is it something completely different? Could it be as simple as not appearing different than those you surround yourself with?

Society brings together a culmination of thoughts and opinions from a myriad of places from online social media, television, radio, magazines and much more. It traditionally advertises the best of the best and the be all that you can be. It is a well-rounded version of what society feels is the expected standard. The best hotels represented by the most successful athlete, the fastest or most expensive car driven by a well-known actor, these are all things that society wants you to accept as obtainable. If you are suffering from a chronic illness, there is a specialist out there for you, and they have new medications regularly. Don’t be afraid, if what you are taking now isn’t working just try this new drug. It is FDA improved!

As children, our parents mold us into fine young people with morals and values. They teach us manors and how to behave in church. They also lead by example. You see mom and dad as normal. Where they live, how they dress, and the car that they drive are all just as important as their health. If your parents were healthy, you don’t expect to be unhealthy. On the other hand, my mother had breast cancer, so I am diligent in managing my at home exams as well as doctor visits to monitor for breast cancer. I don’t go overboard, and I don’t feel as if I am going to end up with breast cancer, I just know how important it is to monitor it. Diligence is my normal.

Being different

Is being different a factor? In reality, we are all different in one way or another. The trick is not to stand out in a negative way, to maintain a balance of sorts. There are many studies on attractiveness, the average in friendships, etc., How do people gauge their normal based on another’s standard?

When it comes to health, I have found that you have a couple of different kinds of individuals. Some people suffer in silence. They don’t want to bother you or be pitied by you, so they don’t talk about their chronic pain. You also have people who share everything to include their runny nose. They don’t fear your judgment and are free with information. You might also have an individual who will hint at what they are experiencing in the hopes that you will take an interest. They don’t want to inconvenience you but if you ask they will share because you have taken an interest.

I think it is a combination of the three scenarios. It all adds up to what people accept as normal in a particular social group. What a person’s normal is to them and what they have learned is acceptable behavior through conditioning.

I welcome your thoughts. I write for you as well as to help heal and learn for myself. Writing helps me de-stress.

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